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With the success of our content distribution channel, MaxxContent expands its offerings to deliver a custom Learning Management System (LMS). This enhancement provides a holistic solution for our clients, and with infrastructure to serve even the most secure environments, the combined solution of the LMS tool and integrated content provides a unique, robust all-in-one experience.

Unique Experiences

  • Upload and author existing content. 

  • Provide user levels of access and insight.

  • Customize the look and feel to reflect your own brand and style.

Unparalleled Insight

  • Deliver insight to adoption and engagement metrics 

  • Monitor progress and completion to stay on track. 

  • See the information you need to see, how you need to see it.

Flexible Delivery

  • Create a library of in-house training in a single location. 

  • Utilize videos, SCORM files, images, ebooks, files, forums, discussions, and assessments.  

  • Deliver training from any device with internet access.

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