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The Legacy of Leadership

During my sophomore season of basketball at the Trinity-Pawling School, I found myself in foul trouble, often sitting next to Coach Hubbard on the bench instead of playing in the game. The late great Miles Hubbard '57 saw my frustration with how the season was going and called me into his office for an honest conversation that guides me today.  The conversation that ensued made me mad as hell, but later became part of my foundation as a leader.

Hubs, as he was affectionately known, told me in his gruff voice that I was a great role player, but I was forcing things by trying to do everything.  As a teenager, this conversation did not feed my out-sized ego.  He proceeded to tell me that I was chosen as a starter, not because I could score like Mike, but because I could facilitate for others, made sure teammates were where they were supposed to be, made smart decisions late in the game, consistently worked hard and was prepared.  

This conversation with Hubs guides me today as a leader.   Every team member’s role is critical to the success of a team, as leaders, we must support each team member and continuously educate on the importance of their role in the broader organizational picture.  Only one person can take the last shot, be lead counsel in a major trial, or the CEO of a Fortune 500 company, however, a teammate is needed to set a pick for that last shot, conduct essential research for the trial, or create a quality product for the CEO to sell. 

Being able to create opportunities for others, making sure they are in the right position to succeed, making smart decisions, performing in pressure situations, consistently working hard and being prepared is leadership, no matter your title or location on an organizational chart.  I ask the members of the MaxxContent team to be Miles Hubbard leaders, and all leaders to work to inspire greatness with each member of your organization.

Hubs, thank you for your work of making boys into men, who grow into leaders.

Jean Mevs '94

President, MaxxContent

At MaxxContent, we would also like to thank our content partners such as Skillsoft, BreakingFree, G-W, CuriosityStream, and others that join us in driving leaders of today ...and tomorrow.

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