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MaxxContent Partners with VendEngine to Deliver Educational Content to Incarcerated Populations

VendEngine, Inc., a leading software provider in the corrections industry, announced today that the company has partnered with MaxxContent to provide educational solutions across VendEngine’s software and hardware technologies for county, state and federal correctional facilities.  The platform will provide educational content, partnered with workforce development applications and certifications an inmate may receive while incarcerated.   With recidivism rates from 70%-80% across the U.S., the need to provide rehabilitation for incarcerated individuals is greater than ever and this partnership is designed to address that issue.

“The COVID crisis has prevented on-site visitation and dramatically impacted inmates’ ability to receive ongoing education, psychological help, and other issues such as religious and legal assistance; as a result, this has necessitated digital solutions to programming” said Dan Vandenbosch, Projects and Programs Director at VendEngine.  “We feel this is a very good step in filling that gap.”

“By partnering with VendEngine, MaxxContent, a leader in digital content and workforce development solutions, partners with one of the market’s leading content delivery platforms to provide opportunities for inmates to engage in digital resources and drive job readiness,” said Jean Mevs, President of MaxxContent.  “Our vision is to deliver access to tools necessary that help inmates successfully re-enter and not only obtain employment but retain it. We enter the fight against recidivism by inspiring the hope of a better future.”

The combined partnership delivers education and curriculum to support professional development, technical skills, recovery, video documentaries, and access to a library of eBooks. “Bringing these tools behind the walls of the facilities with the goal of retooling inmates to a successful reentry and reduced recidivism means we have the ability to impact the lives of more than 100,000 incarcerated individuals across the VendEngine platform,” said Mevs.



MaxxContent provides e-learning solutions across multiple industries, with a vision to provide a full library of digital content and flexible LMS solution that drives workforce development and individual growth. MaxxContent combines educational expertise and robust technology to deliver world-class solutions that inspire and encourage users worldwide to embrace continuous learning and self-improvement.


VendEngine provides cloud-based technology solutions designed specifically for the corrections industry. From fintech solutions to a myriad of inmate accounting and communication platforms, we offer the most advanced technology platform in the industry.

For Full Press Release, visit the VendEngine website here.

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