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Drip Learning: A Great Strategy for a Global Pandemic

Since March, the global pandemic has caused us all to operate under unprecedented circumstances in life and business. Leaders in corporate training or learning and development are among the most impacted, if they rely on traditional, group-live approaches to learning and development. However, others who embrace technology have found the last six months fertile ground for technology-based learning and development programs. Employees are taking advantage of the opportunity to enhance their skills via technology, particularly if they can find resources provided by the company.

Perhaps, one of the most effective forms of technology-based learning is drip learning delivered in an online format. Drip learning is an interesting concept popularized as a term a few years ago. Drip learning is a teaching strategy that enables the instructor to manage the delivery timing of the content.

The drip learning strategy enables the instructor to deliver content in stages and in sequence. This approach helps promote retention, because it spaces out the learning and provides opportunity to reinforce previous learning. Drip learning also gives the instructor an opportunity to assess the learners’ understanding, before introducing the next concept.

Drip learning is also beneficial to the learner. It is like the promotion of a movie and its sequel. When a learner is intrigued by a new concept or effective delivery, that learner remains engaged and looks forward to the next learning opportunity. Systematically delivering the content keeps learners coming back for more. It also enables microlearning strategies to be employed. This delivery approach lends time for learners to practice the new concept before learning more.

During the pandemic, people are utilizing drip learning, because they welcome breaks from the overwhelming number of online meetings. Transitioning to an eLearning experience as a break has proven to be a breath of fresh air for many. In addition, effectively positioned drip learning offers sessions that can be completed during the normal commute times that many working adults traditionally spent in transit.

If you would like to learn more about combining drip learning and eLearning strategies, contact us at MaxxContent.

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