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A New Year Resolution: Exercise for your Career

This month, gym memberships will increase by 12%. And, 80% of those memberships will not reflect actual patronage in 5 months. Honestly, I don't like to run, or lift weights, or swim. But I DO like cake. So, I tripled-down this year with three gym memberships (telling myself that I am without excuse). I pass four of my gym buildings on the way home each day. Check back in five months ...

A the turn of a new decade, social media was a flurry of reflections, plans, and hope for new beginnings. We want to be better friends, family members, workers, citizens, team members.

We want to grow.

Career Exercise: Learning and Development

The Bureau of Labor statistics reports that over 3.5 million Americans leave their jobs each month. By 2020, the U.S. workforce will be more educated and receive higher wages than ever before. So, why are workers quitting and what are they searching for? A recent study by LinkedIn reports that 94% of employees would stay at their workplace longer if employers invested in their career and development.

(Managers, the cost of replacing an employee can be up to 50%-60% of their annual salary, so pay attention!)

Ultimately, no one cares as much about your development as you do. Managers should provide opportunity and encouragement, but you are in the driver's seat of your own development.

So drive.

We'll give you the keys.


Check out these links for a few statistics on how MaxxContent can help drive professional and personal development for corporate teams and government entities.

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