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The Leading Learning Management System (LMS) for Justice-Impacted Students of All Ages


MaxxContent delivers digital educational resources that aid in reducing recidivism and promoting successful re-entry.

College Library

Safety and Justice Program

There is a 43% reduction in recidivism rates for those prisoners who participate in prison education programs.

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The RAND Blog

In 2016, the RAND Corporation produced a report that showed that individuals who participate in any type of educational program while in prison are 43 percent less likely to return to prison.

Students in Computer Class

Bard Prison Initiative

For every $1 invested in prison education, taxpayers save $4-$5 in re-incarceration costs during the first three years post-release.

MaxxContent provides an array of educational and self-improvement digital courses on our secure LMS to improve the lives of students of all ages involved in the justice system, including: jails, prisons, probation and re-entry. 

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Users of MaxxLMS, both admins and students alike, can enjoy a user-friendly and secure experience with SSO (Single Sign On) capabilities and secure hosting on GovCloud. Motivating students with completion certificates and badges, there is incredible flexibility and benefits for everyone involved.

At no cost to the justice-involved learner or their families, MaxxContent provides self-improvement and rehabilitative digital courses such as CRI, SkillSoft, 2nd Opportunity & i-Pathways which promote the reduce in recidivism, increase morale in facilities, and enrich the learner’s life. 

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Discover why MaxxContent is the leading Learning Management System (LMS) for Justice-Impacted Individuals.

Schedule a demo with a Maxx Specialist today to receive a 2-week free trial to experience for yourself MaxxContent’s LMS & customized content.

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